has worked as a personal and spiritual guide for 26 years. She has lead workshops as well as running her own practice, attracting clients of both genders, much to her delight, as this has enabled her to have a greater understanding of the human condition. She has written several books on this and other topics.

She has used breathwork extensively, and acknowledges that use of this simple but profound tool probably saved her life, when she was hit by a car in 2000. The following 15 years have been a challenge and a testament to her fortitude, as well as well as a test of the techniques, that she is grateful that she was encouraged to learn before this happened.

From this experience developed an expertise in treating old injuries, and she founded and ran the Oxford Pain Clinic until 2015.

Awareness of our body's reaction to situations is the key to handling life's daily stresses in a healthy – and enjoyable – way.

She has now decided to focus on her love of calligraphy and art to produce mainly commissioned works. You can see her calligraphy at Ducaticatart,.

Her original art is to be found at

And prints can be obtained on all different procts from T shirts to phone cases at Redbubble

Her latest title is about finding her creative place in the world through colour and listening to her inner guidance that she has spent so long refining.

As Colourful as I am: the power of colour, expression and self-acceptance.

Call me: O121 742 3432