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You may find an answer to a question you have here in my breastfeeding resource pages, choose from the list on the left, taken from my book The Reality of Breastfeeding. Please come to my Facebook page called 'The Reality of Breastfeeding Book' to ask any questions you have, or if you need 1-2-1 assistance via Skype, contact me for a call. This may be for help with latching on for example, or finding out the best position for smooth breastfeeding experience for your individual baby. See below.

Attachment parenting is a description used now for what I learned to do by following my babies' cues, breastfeeding frequently, every hour or so, carrying them about with me, co-sleeping, nursing them while I was actually asleep, and so were they, weaning onto food (but not off the breast) very slowly and gently, following their cues when they were interested in my food, toddler nursing, tandem nursing when I became pregnant again after several years, generally including them in my life so they never had to make a fuss. My son cried 6 times in his first year.

All this has been beautifully observed and described in The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff, which I read when my first daughter was about 10 months old, and at that point I relaxed, because I had been doing all this as much as I could, then suddenly what I had instinctively known was the right thing to do – and people had challenged me about it – became acknowledged.

Creating a Birth Plan is a really helpful thing to do, not only for your upcoming birth, but also for the initiation of breastfeeding, which may be far from your focus at the time. But the staff will read your notes and if you have stated what you would like with regard to cord cutting, skin to skin, time to allow your baby to breathe and find the nipple, they will make sure these things happen for you, even in the euphoric moment after birth when you will lose focus for a little while.

Mastering your breath will heal your insecurities and enable you to behave in a coherent way around birth, practise with my guided meditation on Youtube.

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