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Tuesday 7th April 2015

Do you turn cartwheels?

Since I was a youngster I have turned cartwheels, in moments of joyful celebration whenever I see an open space or feel elated. What do you do?

My children grew up with this as a norm. My record was 16 cartwheels in a row.

I fretted about not being able to do it when I was hit by a car – never mind whether I’d be able to walk or run – the things we concern ourselves with when the chips are down!

It represented my freedom of expression, that is so important to me.

As I recovered and began to venture out into the world again, I appreciated the healing of my spirit as well as my body, that practising breathwork brought me. My daughter taught me to turn one-handed cartwheels, to help me to realise that I could fully recover.

Recently I did one in a church hall, with a group of people, most of whom are well into retirement, and who know me fairly well. They were intent on rearranging the room at the time, and nobody mentioned it. Either they didn’t see it, or they accept me as I am. I hope it’s the latter. That would be wonderful.p

Self expression is really helped by coming to terms with the fullness of who we are, even when other people are present. I am running a free webinar Rebirthing Breathwork for Women at 1pm on Friday 17th April (UK time). Sign up even if you cannot attend live, there will be a replay available. If you are a man, I will run another open one, if you request it!

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