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6th March 2015

How I got rid of my asthma through breathwork

I went for Rebirthing (breathwork) sessions at the recommendation of a friend when I was miserable in my marriage. My difficulty was that although I could face the split that I could see coming, I was terrified of living on my own. During my 2 hour sessions with my lovely rebirther I felt big sensations, tightness in my chest, stiffness in my hands, over many hours and then suddenly a release – a huge breath release – where all the muscles in my chest opened up like a bud flowering. It felt as though my chest had grown by 50 % (which it had) and I smiled from ear to ear for 3 days.

Later when I cycled, I discovered that I no longer wheezed when it was cold and I was going up hill. This was a huge shift for me, I had struggled to run, I had never been picked for sports teams. I hated the Ephedrine that I had been given to help me to breathe, so I didn’t take it. But I suffered clearly from not living a full life. Now that I look back, I see that the emotional fear that I had and the physical difficulty that I experienced, were of course linked. The breathing muscles that had relaxed enabled me to open to new possibilities, and I now find it strange that I ever worried about living alone. Contact me if you’d like to have a conversation about how breathwork in Indestructible Health might help you too.

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