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4th June 2015

What's it like to die and come back again?

What it’s like to die and come back again?

Although I was only absent from my body for a short time, indeed I have no idea how long in seconds or minutes that it was, it was still an experience of separation that is valuable to me. Mostly because I didn't go anywhere, it just became separated from my body. The ‘I’ that I know so well was the part that carried on, my sense of self, my personality, my view and vision remained. The only thing that I lost/left behind was my body, and since it was in such damaged, painful state I wasn’t sorry to leave it at that time.

The best word I can describe for the experience is reassuring.

And while I am still as bodily scared of damage as I was before, for example when near vehicles that don’t appear to be properly under control, I do not have a fear of death or the unknown, because it isn’t any more. I describe this in more detail in my forthcoming book “Welcome to Trauma: Why I should have died, my near-death experience & the secrets to my remarkable recovery”

If you are interested in an in depth description of the process and phases after death, I can recommend Neale Donald Walsch’s book ‘Home with God’, which I read a couple of years ago. it has a really helpful description of the stages of death. I clearly only entered the first part, where you have a moment to consider whether this is what you really want, and a chance to return to the same life and continue it.

In the words of Peter Pan, to die would be an awfully big adventure.

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