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4th July 2015

Is anybody listening?

Neighbourhood tales continued …

I am wondering what I am learning from this. I listened to myself this morning when I realised that I was reluctant to go out of the front door to my flat.

Having been awoken by a loud voice, my neighbour in the flat beside mine, who has gradually lost his marbles (and a quiet voice I could also hear, which it turns out was the police returning him from wandering 40 miles away) at 3.53am, from my sleep, I then got woken several more times by his loud voice on the phone to people.

A few hours later at about 8am, I heard a male voice in the hall telling him to go in and get his clothes on. He has taken to standing naked in his doorway, which is 1 foot away from mine.

As I was eating breakfast a man arrived by car to visit him. Discussion followed for an hour, then I saw an ambulance.

Fortunately I managed to speak to the nurse who left after the ambulance had departed. He intimated that 'Tom' may not be coming back this time, but this has been suggested twice before and each time he has been returned.

So what to make of this? I know it is about holding my boundaries firmly. I know it is about listening to what I need and asking for help. So I rang the surgery and Social Services who told me to phone the police. I also rang the property manager. I spoke to a neighbour who suggested writing a letter which we could all sign. I have done this.

I realised that the times this has happened before I’ve hoped he wouldn’t come back. This time I have decided to take action, on the day he was taken away in the ambulance. I can feel that it is also about learning to be the leader.

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