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27th July 2015

Why did I write Rebirthing Breathwork: Creating an independent adult?

1 Rebirthing Breathwork: Creating an independent adult.

A Why did I write it – what provoked it? (how do I feel about it now?) At what stage was I in my life at the time?

Why did I write Rebirthing Breathwork: Creating an independent adult?

I wrote the first edition Rebirthing Breathwork: A technique that enables us to live in the present soon after qualifying as a rebirther in 1991. I was thrilled to find a technique that delivered what studying Human Psychology had failed to provide: notably a link between mind and body, a real demonstration of the intricate connection between our body memories (for example the tightness of muscles around the chest associated with inhibition of emotional expression) and our fear of new situations, resulting in holding our breath. I wrote it because I really wished that there had been an English book to study. All the ones I could find were American.

The first edition was a booklet rather than a bound book. It covered the bare bones of the technique, how to practise Conscious Connected Breathing, and what to expect from attending sessions. There was some explanation of the association between treatment of babies at birth and adult stress. The second edition was produced at the request of those who had read and loved it but wished that it were longer, and was about a third bigger. I produced Rebirthing Breathwork: Creating an independent adult, and included all the material that I’d thought of after I’d finished the first edition: all about the care we received while we were babies and children, what babies need, what they actually get, and how to recover from the experience.

I am proud of it. I like the style and the content. I’m pleased with how well I wrote it, and it is reassuring to look back and see that I agree with myself.

Please contact me if you have questions.

It is produced in print available on Amazon, in PDF and in Kindle format.

You can find it on Kindle here:

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