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27th February 2015

There but for the grace of God?

My dear neighbour is an unassuming man, helpful, kindly, reliable. I have written about him before. He has lessons for me. He reads the Sun he does everything his doctor tells him to. He has depression since he retired, he told me. What a shame, to look forward to retirement and then find you miss the enforced activity so much, and you don’t have the drive to get you out to enjoy the freedom you have earned.

About 6 weeks ago, he broke his ankle badly. He has had plates put into it, and had a plaster on for many weeks. Recently he has started to call on me, knocking on the door and phoning me for help, to phone his family and read his hospital letters. He appears to have become confused. He had a seizure in the hospital the other day while attending to have his plaster off. The discharge letter he needed help with was about the medicines he is taking, 6 different ones. When I got through to the GP surgery they were quite scathing about him being confused. He was OK before he went into hospital.

All this might have happened to me if I’d been a good patient and done as I was told.

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