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26th June 2015

Was it magic?

It’s been 18 months coming, and now it’s ready. My story Indestructible Soul: How I decided not to die is released on Kindle and PDF so far. It will be in print from Amazon in a little while. It took 14 years for me to begin to write about the accident. Many people suggested that I write, particularly my patients, whom I was often treating at the time. I didn’t feel ready for a long time. And when I did, I felt quite ill as I began to write. I realised a few things for the first time and I made connections, between how I lived my life and the fact that I survived a serious injury and heavy blood loss. My healthy lifestyle (some would say extreme) served me well, and my strong will to live and get well was a gift. I appreciate everything that happened to assist me, the skilful surgery and the dedication of dozens of friends and well-wishers, the love and ceaseless work of my children. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

If you wish to buy a digital copy it is available in PDF here.

The Kindle version is available here.

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