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24th January 2015

What do we do to ourselves?

The body is so much more intelligent than the conscious mind of so many humans! They think, Ooh this is a good idea, and confound millennia of body wisdom in a moment of ignorance. My retired neighbour has just been in hospital with a severely broken ankle (he broke the other foot last year). He fell off a bar stool. He smokes, he goes to the pub and comes home worse for wear each evening, very peacefully, but gradually declining in health.

He knocked on my door to let me know he was home, and told me all about the regime he'd been given. I now see how the pattern of needing remedies to save himself from himself has developed. (I admit, I was mystified before.) Those things that I spurned adamantly when I was in hospital, are life savers for somebody so limited in mind that they cannot see consequences, so that they have to be saved from themselves. I can see why the system has developed for the masses who don’t think, who don’t look after themselves and so have to be mopped up like so many teenage drunks on a Saturday night after football.

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