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23rd July 2015

Manifesting Miracles

Since it’s Manifesting Miracles month, I thought I’d share with you a little of my miraculous survival and recovery story. When I give a talk, this is what inspires people, and they get to see what my leg looks like: its appearance tells the story before I say a word.

In the year 2000, I didn’t die when I lost half my blood in a few minutes as the shin bones of my left leg were smashed, leaving a gap in the bone, and ripping the the skin and muscles tendons off my leg, by a drunk driver driving his car into me. I had a choice and decided to come back when my life was ebbing away into the road with my blood, to go onward where there was no pain, or to return and see my children grow up.

I didn’t die during the night just after this when I went to sleep, which is apparently a risky time after huge blood loss. I had made a deliberate and conscious decision by that point to live. Once I had stabilised after 2 days, I had no pain, just the huge pumping sensation of my body fixing itself, that I liken to a big ship’s engine pounding away in the depths. It took all of my focus for weeks. I didn’t open my eyes for more that a few seconds for 5 days. I couldn’t read for 6 weeks.

I had an external fixtator put into my leg for 5 months and 9 skin grafts. My skin graft site looks like normal skin, there is the slightest lack of tan on part of it, the texture looks completely normal because my skin was so healthy that it repaired. Both the donor area of the whole of the front and side of my right thigh and the grafted area, two thirds of my left lower leg tan and both sections of the graft took 100%, there was no space on the form for this to be recorded because it ‘never happens’. At one year, the surgeon said this looks like a ten-year old-graft not a one-year-old one, what have you been putting on it? I had no infection at all. Emotionally I handled all the fear of others by telling them my love is stronger than my fear.

Possibly most importantly and amazingly I do not suffer mental effect from this trauma, I haven’t had a single nightmare about it, no bad dreams, no fears, no mental adjustment to make, as I doggedly recovered and got on with my life, including working towards and eventually taking my bike test on a 600cc Suzuki Bandit, to ensure that I could get away from potential trouble in the future. I never wavered. I have ridden my bikes about 100,000 miles since then. Motorbikes average 3,000 a year, far less than cars at about 10,000. I have learned to ski since too.

As you can tell I’m a pretty determined person, but all this was laid down by a foundation of conscious health creation for decades before this accident occurred. I believe that my soul prepared me to survive this so that I could teach a full wealth of life creation, by attending to the real reasons that people are well, such as breathing fully, eating high raw, drinking water, close relationships, being true to ourselves, living our passions.

you can read the full story in Indestructible Soul: How I decided not to die, which is currently in PDF and Kindle.

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