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22nd May 2015

How strong are your boundaries?

Am I being tested? If so, what for?

I believe that the purpose of me noticing common incidents, is to be aware of something in my life that I am not taking action on, that I need to in order to live the life that I choose to. I don’t believe that these are actually tests, what I mean is that I know that I attract situations to me, and that I can choose how to react and decide to be different to gain a different experience of life. I can of course, choose to ignore them, blame someone else and just complain about the ‘problem’. That’s not what I choose, as I know that issues will just get big enough until I do notice and deal with them.

So let’s get to the matter in hand. My neighbour, the one who shared with me that he was feeling depressed some years ago, has been in and out of hospital recently and given a number of drugs to take (8 at once). These are understandably putting a strain on his system, and the result is that he has been getting very confused and seeking my help. This was OK at first, as I could do what he requested, make a phone call, read instructions or letters to help him. But things progressed to the point where he was knocking my door many times an hour to ask the same thing. At this point I could see there was a serious problem, and I made the decision to ask for professional help. His confusion continued and progressed until one night he locked himself out, and then proceeded to wake many of us by buzzing the entry buzzers and knocking on people’s windows, all night.

I have been interested to see my reaction, other neighbour’s reactions. I have only told a part of the story here. But what I am interested in is how I am dealing with this, what it is demonstrating to me, and what I can learn from it.

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