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21st May 2015

Can I do that? be successful and feminine

To offer this new reality I am wearing my hair down, softening, stopping driving myself, allowing, stopping trying to be a man, letting go of proving myself.

I have over reached myself in my body, injuring my right shoulder, and I am right handed. So this has really brought home to me what I have been doing for too long, too often, too much. And the time has come to stop. To stop pushing, striving, trying to be a man when I’m not.

I was so grateful to whoever posted up the Cherokee saying, something about the woman’s role in the man’s life is to connect him to spirit and the man’s role in the woman’s life is to look after her on Earth. It really made sense to me that I don’t have to be the same as a man, to take myself seriously and to have a valuable role.

Now I can see where I’ve been going ‘wrong’, not being who I truly am and choose to be, so I am working on what I choose instead, gently, kindly, patiently …

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