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19th March 2015

Is there a design fault?

Our bodies mind their own business most of the time, keeping the blood pressure, heart rate, breathing, enzyme, hormone levels all at the correct tolerance so that we don’t notice the running operation, we just ask it to do what we want it to, and it does it. We only have our attention drawn to its operation when it appears to malfunction. To make sure that this doesn’t happen we need to pay attention to the correct running procedure. This means drinking water, eating plenty of raw food and taking exercise. If we don’t do this the body will grind to a halt because its correct operation relies on these things being available. It has become more popular for people to treat their own problems, there are many supplements and herbal remedies for example. But if it’s something serious then the consensus appears to be that we need “proper” Western medicine. How is this so? And why do we trust a medical system that essentially is a symptom suppressant? It’s like taking out the bulb when the red light comes on, in the engine management warning system, and thinking you have solved the problem.

The pain you feel is not the problem, it is your body drawing your attention to fact that you need to assist it. Drink more water (6–8 glasses a day), eat more raw food, the body needs it to process what you eat, sleep enough, breathe, surround yourself with supportive people, have a purpose to your days that excites and fulfills you.

There is now a huge body of research to show that the body can heal all of the illnesses it experiences, we need to take more care of how we treat it, and educate ourselves to feel confident in doing so. If you would like to know where to find some of the research resources please contact me.

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