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17th July 2015

Why did I start writing?

For a long time now I have been writing and publishing books and short health guides. When I was talking to my accountability buddy the other day I realised that she didn’t know that I had written books and guides. So we talked about how I could let people know what I have on offer. We came up with a plan to write a short piece answering a set of questions for each one: Why did I write it – what provoked it? (how do I feel about it now?) At what stage was I in my life at the time? Who is it for? Why do I feel that it’s important for people to know about this? What does it say?

They were written at various points in my life, spurred on by my wish to share what I had learned so all of them refer to self-help in some way, and most are how-to manuals. They encompass breathwork, breastfeeding, relationship, pain and injury recovery, diet (raw food recipes), how to create super health (avoid disease), and the story of my near-death in an accident, survival and recovery.

I have been careful to tell you how to achieve the outcomes that I inspire people to aim for. In my research and practice it appears to me that all activities designed to improve our experience—be it spiritual or physical—have one common thread: to increase oxygen availability to every cell in the body.

It’s no coincidence that to inspire means to take an in breath and also to receive a brilliant notion. It’s mildly disappointing that what I am revealing is not new, but I hope that my presentation and careful testing of all that I teach is demonstration that it works and is therefore worth trying. Over the next few weeks I shall be posting up an answer to each of the questions above for each title. This feels like fun!

Three of my publications are physical paper books, almost all are Kindle titles and available in PDF. The easiest way to see my titles is to look at my author page on Kindle:

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