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12th March 2015

How can I ask the Universe for what I want?

I had no idea how bad I was at this.

For some years now, I have now been practising asking the Universe for what I want, and asking people for what I want in a clearer way. I thought I already did it. This myth was perpetuated by the impression I seem to give that I’m good at being clear. I know that the problem area is in my personal relationship area though, so maybe that’s why it doesn’t show to all who know me.

Anyway, on one occasion a few months ago, I learned a big lesson. I really wanted to talk to my husband about something. He was at work.

I emailed him about the topic, I emailed him again when I realised that there was something else involved. I emailed him another time when I thought about what he would feel. Then once more when I had another idea. Gradually I was getting clearer about what I needed from him. (My personal growth must drive him crazy sometimes, but at least he gets to witness it!)

Finally it dawned on me that I really wanted to speak to him, and all these communications were an effort on the part of my subconscious to get him to reply. So I texted. Please will you call me? And guess what, he rang straight back.

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