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28th February 2017

Better than Clean

Using antimicrobial cleaners is the worst possible thing we can do for our health. A healthy body is not a sterile body. We know this historically and in our language, sterility is infertility, the words speak volumes. Nothing can grow, no thing at all, not even the things we want to grow if we make the ground sterile. Breastmilk is safe to eat, but it is far from sterile, it contains millions of live organisms, carefully selected by the mother’s body to enhance the baby’s health. About a third of the volume of breastmilk is supportive* substances that are never digested. If we observe this development in biological protection, I believe that it is safe to assume that the same mechanisms are available in the adult. So when we become ill, it’s because we have upset a balance, removed the supportive mechanisms, organisms, bacteria, that we rely on to keep our skin, gut and other flora in correct balance. There are various ways that we can help ourselves, the first is to avoid many substances, particularly medications, also cleaners of all types that kill microorganisms, the next is to eat those things that help us to maintain our balance. Drink mainly water, eat a good proportion of raw food with enzymes still intact, use cider vinegar in recipes, use probiotic substances if necessary, but at least be aware of what upsets the balance and eat accordingly.

As is my wont, I have experimented on myself for a few decades, to see what happens if I do these things … I will report on this in due course.

*supportive to the optimal bacteria and other microbes that the body needs for gut health

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