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11th April 2016

Before birth, before breath.

Your body fills the whole of your known Universe. The walls of your mother’s womb are the boundary of all the space that you have known, and have now filled in your rapid expansion. You decide to leave. How will this go? The urge is strong you don’t question it, you prepare physically as you are programmed to, it’s all part of a grander plan that has been operating successfully for millennia. Until the last 60 years or so, when humans thought that they could improve upon perfection.

Your mother follows her drive to assist you: action starts. She is powerful and insists that her body knows and her baby is important.

She keeps moving during labour, this constant change is just what you need to be able to manoeuvre yourself into the best positions as you make your way downward. Sometimes she pauses and rests forward, this allows plenty of blood to reach you and a helpful lift in another direction. Gradually you are able to move down further as the way opens and you wedge yourself in to obtain the purchase you need to stretch and brace as you push yourself with your feet. As you move down the birth canal, turning carefully to negotiate the bends you can now straighten your legs for the first time for months. It feels so satisfying to push and move forward.

Even before you open your eyes you are struck by how bright it is out here. There is no form, your limbs are suddenly free with space around them. Your mother’s hands guide you onto her skin, you feel her next to you, you hear her cries of delight and greeting from your father. You feel safe, welcome, at home. As you venture to lift your chest and breathe for the first time, you feel the cool of air as it moves up your nose, down your windpipe and into your lungs. They expand for the first time with air inside them it feels sharp as they unfold. You tentatively try again. Gradually you get the hang of this breathing, you feel the shifts as your body moves into this new way of operating, the cord is still pulsating while you make the transition. Over the next few minutes it pulsates less and you open your eyes to greet your parents for the first time, and perhaps siblings. You search for your mother’s breast and find colostrum, to help you regain strength after your hard work, to protect you in your new environment, and to expel the placenta that has served you so well. You feel secure, loved, protected, curious. Life is good.


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