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23rd September 2015

Will you be quiet a moment?

Last week I went and sat in St Alphege church for a little meditation, something I do infrequently. It’s a beautiful ancient building, and the glorious sun was shining in through the colourful East window.

As I sat in the front pew on the central aisle, I could see that a small service was about to begin in the south transept, and I asked myself ‘should I stay – or I could go …’ And what was it like to stay? I was startled that they used the microphone even though the small congregation comprised only a dozen people including the celebrants. So the service was much more invasive and overwhelming for me than I had anticipated. How did I feel? What did I experience, what did they say, what was the service about? Not celebrating, but condemning. Focussing on our unworthiness.

Worship in the traditional sense of conventional modern religion, is left for the deity, when actually we are Divine, all of us, and the worship ‘should’ (could) be lifting us all up into the greatest that we can be. It was useful for me to be slightly removed while observing the religion that I had been brought up with, and witness the feelings that it is designed to engender, while not participating. I stayed as much as I could with my internal focus, but it was difficult, as the constant talking of the service kept interfering. I long for the silence where I can hear the Divine. We will never hear if we don’t listen.

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