After 2 sessions:

I contacted Catherine for Breathwork with the simple intention of improving my breathing techniques and benefitting my general health. After only a couple of sessions, I am beginning to appreciate the depth of this work that it is so much more than just efficient breathing techniques. The Breathwork facilitates self-awareness and deep healing in a safe and warm environment and the value of having Catherine as 'midwife' to this process is inestimable. Thank you Catherine. 

After 7 sessions:

I am now 6 or 7 sessions into BreathWork with Catherine and have recently reached a new stage in this journey.  Catherine has supported me throughout these sessions, guiding my breathing, helping me to feel safe and secure in this work that I'm now so ready to do.

When I say 'work' - please do not think it is laborious - it is not. I am choosing to 'work' on becoming more relaxed, more open, less self-critical, less judgmental of others. Basically, more 'me' - Being rather than Doing.

As my confidence and skill in mastering efficient breathing builds, so does my ability to feel my way into past memories which inform and illuminate my life today.

Already I feel lighter, liberated, more expansive both in heart and mind.

Caroline, Solihull.


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