10 KEYS TO UNLOCKING BACK PAIN: Regain Strength, Power & Flexibility

Does your back ache a lot?

What if I could show you how to reduce the pain you are feeling so that you can get back to your normal life? What if you no longer need to take numbing drugs just to get you through the day? How would it be if you could move freely again, bending and lifting as you used to? Would you like some simple expert techniques for back pain sufferers from an experienced Old Injury Specialist? You can increase blood flow to reduce joint and muscle pain immediately. Here are techniques to reduce back pain through blood flow increase from Catherine Holland of the Oxford Pain Clinic.

“I have developed this system for self treatment based on my observations of what actually causes healing in my practise of 11 year’s treating old injuries. It has become clear to me that what is needed is the increase of oxygen supply to the tissues by increasing blood flow and removing obstructions. This can only be done manually, and for less complicated injuries, can certainly be done by the person themselves. I have been advising my patients to use these techniques for years and they have proved invaluable. I use them myself when I have an injury that needs to be healed. I have produced them because I am aware that many people cannot get to me here in the UK to be treated, and that many of the visitors to my website are from the United States of America and further afield. Use them and your back will ease, use them frequently to manage your back, pain free!”

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• The one thing your body needs to heal your injury

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Simple, powerful, life-changing, essentials to move you away from constant pain and towards greater mobility. Here are the focussed techniques to increase the blood flow through an injured area, removing damaged tissue and encouraging healing.

Buy 10 Keys to Unlocking Back Pain, if you are confident in dealing with your body, and all you need are the most succinct instructions for instant results. If you need a bit more knowhow try the How to Relieve Pain series also on Kindle. There is also a illustrated pdf version How to Stop Suffering Back Pain available here on this site, and in a few month’s time there will be a video work-along-with-me-series, watch this space, coming soon.

This is not pain control, this is healing the injury so it no longer hurts.

From a unique perspective and experience as the non-surgical, Old Injury Specialist in the UK, and her personal experience of a major injury, creator of the Holland System for Deep Physical In jury Treatment.

She has successfully treated dozens of patients with back pain including those who have been in traction for years and triathletes.

Catherine now holds a Virtual Pain Clinic online. Contact her if you would like a session.





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