Fossil Ridge High School Bands

Daniel Berard, Director of Bands

Meghan Munoz, Assistant Director of Bands

5400 Ziegler Rd.

Ft. Collins, CO 80528

Phone: 970-488-6285    Fax: 970-488-6263

Last update: 10/8/17

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Coming Events:

See the Online Band Calendar HERE

  1. BulletOct. 9 - Marching Band rehearsal - 3:15-6:15p

  2. BulletOct.10 - Color Guard Sectional Rehearsal - 3:15-5:30p

  3. BulletOct.11 - Marching Band rehearsal - 3:15-6:15p

  4. BulletOct.12 - Marching Band Rehearsal & Football Game Performance - 3:00-9:15p - see itinerary

  5. BulletOct.14 - Marching Band rehearsal - 9:00a-4:00p

  6. BulletOct.16 - Marching Band rehearsal - 3:15-6:15p

  7. BulletOct.17 - Marching Band rehearsal - 3:15-6:15p

  8. BulletOct.16 - Marching Band rehearsal - 3:15-6:15p

  9. BulletOct.18 - Northern Region Contest Performance - 3:00-11:00p - See Itinerary

  10. BulletOct.21 - Marching Band rehearsal & Arapahoe Contest Performance - 9:00a-11:00p - See Itinerary

  11. BulletOct.23-28 - STATE WEEK!!

  12. BulletOct.23 - Marching Band rehearsal - 3:15-6:15p

  13. BulletOct.24 - Marching Band rehearsal - 3:15-6:15p

  14. BulletOct.25 - Marching Band rehearsal - 3:15-6:15p

  15. BulletOct.26 - Marching Band rehearsal - 3:15-6:15p

  16. BulletOct.27 - Marching Band rehearsal & Travel to CO Springs

  17. BulletOct. 28 - State Contest - USAF Falcon Stadium - itinerary coming following completion of all Regional Contests

  18. BulletOct. 30 - Full Band meeting - 3:00-4:30p

  19. BulletNov. 2 - Marching Band Rehearsal & Football Game Performance - 3:00-9:15p

Have a questions about the FRHS Band?  PLEASE CHECK the Band website, the online calendar, the weekly Fanfare! e-mail newsletter, or the Band Handbook BEFORE contacting the Band Office.  99% of all questions can be answered if you just read the information available to you!


Latest News:

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  7. BulletPlease see this important announcement about posting audio/video recording of the FRHS Marching Band on any social media!

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